10 E3 2017 Trailers You May Have Missed | E3 2017 Trailers That Deserve Your Attention

10 E3 2017 Trailers You May Have Missed | E3 2017 Trailers That Deserve Your Attention

E3 2017 had a plethora of video games coming at gamers from all different angles. Some of the games we gamers are excited for include Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Star Wars Battlefront 2, God of War, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Metroid Prime 4, Bioware’s Anthem, Days Gone, Destiny 2, Middle-earth Shadow of War, and more! While all of these E3 2017 games deserve their fare share of hype in the Hall of Spoilers, some E3 2017 games went announced but somewhat unnoticed. Some E3 2017 games flew by under the radar or simply got eclipsed by more anticipated or hyped E3 2017 announcements. However, those E3 2017 unsung heroes will NOT be ignored by DeepBoyce, HazyRome, and the Spectacular Spoiler League! DeepBoyce and HazyRome are back in the Hall of Spoilers to bring attention to/remind The Leaguers of 10 E3 2017 Games you may have missed. These 10 games announced at E3 2017 deserve our attention and The League be damned if we miss out on fantastic games! Without further ado, we present E3 2017 games that deserve your attention!

We do not own the rights to any of the video game trailer footage shown in the video above. All rights for video game footage belong to respective video game publishers/developers.

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Credit to German animator Florian Renner for the dope 80s city background image. Check out more of his animation in his 80s centric short entitled Retrowave https://vimeo.com/117890578

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