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Why be an achievement whore?

I’ve been reading a number of blog entries, and replies to blogs, talking about cleaning up some achievements before moving on to the next game or before getting into a backlog.

What’s getting played this weekend?

Well, this may not be the best way to start of my career at BGBureau, but I wanted to get something written.

VG Confidential Podcast Episode #1: Trio of Trilogies

The first episode of the Better Gaming Bureau’s official podcast, VG Confidential. In this episode, we introduce ourselves, discuss three video game trilogies, and the stupidity that is the EA Season Pass.

Retrospective: General Chaos

A look back at a little known console RTS that did the genre right over 15 years ago.

Welcome to the Better Gaming Bureau

Working towards the improvement of the gaming experience for all.

Everyday Gamer’s Video Archive

A collection of every video our very own Everyday Gamer produced before becoming an agent of the BGB.

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