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Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition Review

Get Stricken for the Third time… again! With past releases of fan favorites Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Capcom tries its hands at yet another HD re-imagining of one their marquee titles.

VG Confidential Podcast Episode #4: We Survived A Hurricane!

After a lackluster storm in NYC, VG Confidential returns with some gridiron gripes.

Madden NFL 12 Review

Madden NFL 12 is the Jekyll and Hyde of sports video games. On one side, EA Tiburon executed a lot of things very well. But once you think you are falling in love with that side of the game, Madden NFL 12’s ugly and almost insulting side comes out and makes you remember why you dislike the franchise sometimes.

Counterstrike GO impressions, Half-Life 3 to follow?

As a Counterstrike veteran of sorts, I feel that it is my duty to post my impressions on the latest installment of the legendary first-person shooter.

NHL 12 Demo Impressions (Video)

September is right around the corner and you know what that means…  Hockey time!

VG Confidential Podcast Episode #3: We Survived An Earthquake!

VG Confidential returns from hiatus, and has brought God’s Wrath with it!

For the information of all hands is having a 25% off of all used games with $1 shipping per item. Enter promotion code 1234 when checking out.  I’ve done very well with this company with both books and games. I picked up BulletStorm, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, and Hunted: The Demon’s Forge for $36.66 including shipping. Take advantage of this great deal!

Who gets to review a game?

In the September 2011 issue of GamePro magazine, there was a three-columned article written that introduced a topic I had never thought about. Having spent over 20 years of my life as an avid gamer, reading every review I could get my hands on,  I never gave a thought as to how the reviewers were chosen. Will Herring says that “quality of a review from a knowledgeable source is infinitely more valuable than from someone who doesn’t know Master Chief from Marcus Fenix.” Not much investigation is ...[Read More]

Bodycount Demo Impressions

What the fuck!  Don’t mean to be rude but its the very first thought that popped into my head as I played the demo for Bodycount.  

Trapped in the Mojave Wasteland

During this seemingly summer long drought of video game quality, I found myself searching for something to fill the void of my post-graduate life.

Endless Backlog Game #3: Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3)

Liberty City is invaded by Niko Bellic and the Endless backlog Project as I rampage through the city on a quest for money and vengeance.

Endless Backlog Game #2: Dirt 2 (PC)

The Endless backlog gets down and dirty as I really through one of my favorite racing games, Dirt 2.

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