Notchland, an Xbox 360 Minecraft Amusement Park that needs to be seen.

Notchland, an Xbox 360 Minecraft Amusement Park that needs to be seen.

Me and some fellow BGB writers have been bitten by the Minecraft bug the last couple of weeks. We know we’re later than a Post-Sandy MTA Bus when it comes to hopping on the Minecraft bandwagon, but we are doing our best to make up for lost time. In between failed attempts at recreating the Statue of Liberty in-game, I peruse some popular gaming forums to see what fellow console Crafters are up to, and I have seen a megaton of impressive projects that range anywhere from movie set recreations to full on RPG worlds. But one particular project, titled Notchland, might be the most impressive of them all so far on consoles..

Xbox Live users LEISURE GAMING and Tyrael242 have used their free time and vastly superior Minecraft skills to make Notchland, an epic (and mostly functional) Amusement Park dedicated to the Minecraft God himself. Me? I can barely build a straight vertical tower. But these guys have managed to construct Roller Coasters, Ferris Wheels, Working Carnival and PVP games that actually dispense prizes, cool thematic mazes, and even restaurants so you can fill up that hunger meter between attractions.

We haven’t had a chance to tour it personally yet because it is still under construction. LEISURE GAMING and Tyrael242 are working a couple of hours a day to build it out into something even grander. But even at this point, it;s the coolest and most ambitious creation I have seen on the console side of Minecraft. The link to the full picture album is below if you want to see more of this project. Hopefully, we’ll have a video tour for you guys in the upcoming weeks.

View the Notchland Gallery Here:


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