DGR helps you find things in Defiance that Defiance won’t help you find

DGR helps you find things in Defiance that Defiance won’t help you find

One of the neat little things about Defiance are the Contracts and Data Recorder sprinkled around the world, ready to feed your EGO. The problem is, the game itself doesn’t give you a ****ing clue on where to find any of these things. With the fairly large size of Defiance’s world, many Ark Hunters, including myself, have to scramble to find those oh so exciting Youtube tutorial videos that take 15 minutes to show you all of the item and mission locations whenever a new one is released in-game. Thankfully, MMO blogger Etaew felt our pain, and created a special section in his blog dedicated to pinpoint those hidden items in Defiance.

Defiance Game Resources has been keeping an always Up-To-Date database of every Contract, Data Recording, and Pursuit that shows up in Trion’s new MMO on a daily basis. Each entry comes with an image of the specific map location, and a in-game image of the item itself so you know exactly where to look when you get in the right location. Searching a mostly desolate world for small cassette players isn’t exactly making good use of time, but that precious EGO must be inflated all the same, so DGR is a Godsend. Use it to find what you need, and get back to fighting endless waves of Hellbugs, Hunter!

Source: Defiance Game Resources


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