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Batman: The Enemy Within- Episode 1: The Enigma Review

Gotham’s Dark Knight, Batman, teamed up with the Hall of Spoilers’ resident Leaguers, DeepBoyce and HazyRome, to fight the forces that threaten Gotham in Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within- Episode 1: The Enigma. It’s now up to DeepBoyce and HazyRome to review, react, and discuss the events of Telltale’s launch of Batman Season 2. Share with friends!

Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie Review (Spoiler Alert!) | The Spectacular Spider-Man’s Marvel Homecoming

SPOILERS for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming abound in this Spectacular Spoiler League review, reaction, and discussion of Spider-Man: Homecoming! Peter Parker as Spider-Man has finally made his Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) solo movie debut with an assist from Tony Stark’s Iron Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iro...[Read More]

Top 5 Dark Side of the Force Users in Star Wars | Star Wars Villains Ranked!

In Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader warned us not to underestimate the power of the Dark Side and gosh darn it we’re gonna listen! DeepBoyce and HazyRome are back in the Hall of Spoiler to pay homage to some of the most powerful users of the Dark Side of the Force in Star Wars by ranking our Top 5 users of the Dark Side of the Force. Now lets be clear, this list isn’...[Read More]

Teen Titans: Judas Contract Review | Problems with DC Comics Animated Movies

The Teen Titans: Judas Contract comic book storyline is one of the most well known and arguably most popular Teen Titans stories ever! It was even adapted in the absolutely awesome Teen Titans animated series which ran from 2003-2006. So how does the DC Comics animated movie stand up? Well that’s what DeepBoyce and HazyRome are here to decide. Does Teen Titans: Judas Contract knock our socks...[Read More]

South Park: The Stick of Truth – TheBGB Audio Review

We got a review of South Park: The Stick of Truth shootin out our ass and into your ears today. But seriously, how the fuck did this game get an M Rating? Someone please explain this to me! Share with friends!

Dead Space 3 – TheBGB Video Review

Last week, we posted up the full Audio Review of Visceral’s final Dead Space effort. This week, we have that same review, except its now condensed to get to he point quicker and has video to keep your other senses stimulated! Expect the Smell-O-Vision review later this month. Share with friends!

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