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Mechanic Escape – TheBGB Audio Review

If my TV ran like Mech over here, I might actually get some exercise! Share with friends!

Dark Souls 2 – TheBGB Audio Review

Go and Tebow next to your favorite Bonfire while DeepBoyce breaks down whats good and evil about Dark Souls 2. Share with friends!

Titanfall – TheBGB Audio Review

The CoD Killer. The System Seller! The Greatest Game of All Time is here! At least, it would be if you were listening to people who played the Titanfall Beta. Luckily, BigRedNY and DeepBoyce didn’t. Prepare for Review Fall! Wow. that sounded a lot better in my head. Share with friends!

Batman: Arkham Origins – TheBGB Audio Review

Splinter47 and DeepBoyce have had about enough of Black Mask’s shenanigans. They sat down and pounded out their thoughts of the Dark Knight’s latest challenge in this audio review. Share with friends!

Bloody Thumbs Podcast/BGB Audio Review: Grand Theft Auto V

The time has come folks, BGB and Bloody Thumbs Podcast  gather to bring you our review, analysts, and completely random thoughts about and inspired by GTA V! For a game this large, we had to do it big!     Share with friends!

Electronic Super Joy – TheBGB Audio Review

Electronic Super Joy made Anthony and Christian grow a strong hate for The Pope, a Wizard, Man-Seeking Rockets, and a mystery man named Michael Todd. But its a loving type of hate. We explain in our review of the Early Access version of Electronic Super Joy. Share with friends!

Papers, Please – TheBGB Audio Review

We just finished reviewing Papers, Please and we’re overly paranoid about terrorist attacks and girls that look like men. Spread those cheeks! No one listens to this review without the proper permit. Share with friends!

NASCAR 2013: The Game – TheBGB Audio Review

A Puerto Rican and  Dominican sit down to give an in-depth review NASCAR 2013: The Game. Bust out the moonshine and start your engines. This should be fun.   Share with friends!

Pacific Rim: The Video Game – TheBGB Audio Review

Pacific Rim: The Video Game is a movie tie-in game that was released for $10 on the Xbox Live arcade. How good do you think it is? Share with friends!

The Walking Dead: 400 Days – TheBGB Audio Review

Our 2012 Game of the Year has a DLC episode it seems. Does it continue the greatness that its predecessor started, or is this episode just… Walking Dead. HA! I’ll leave now.   Share with friends!

Deadpool – TheBGB Audio Review

Explosions! Boobs! Blood! Breaking the 4th wall! Fucking Cable! What is there not to love about the Deadpool game? A few things, actually. Share with friends!

Remember Me – TheBGB Audio Review

Christian has been Memory Hunting for the last few weeks in Remember Me and forumulating his thoughts on the game. Luckily no one tried to remix his mind before we were able to record his review. Share with friends!

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